A nod to photographers

Now that  year one as Reed & Lee is released concluded and the brand is out into the world to do what brands do with a little pat on the bum constantly from us, I wanted to give a shout out the amazing photographers that we have been able to work with over the past few years. Without their hard work with our mutual clients, I wouldn’t have stunning images for my website. Really, I believe in all things visual, and can’t do it without them.

3W6A4809{Photo by:A. O’Brien Photography}

Have you seen our website? No? Get over to reedandlee.com

Now that we’re on the same page…
Here’s the round-up of amazing photographers:

Home Page:
Ropin’ Cowboy: rab photography
Peonie: orange photographie
Parasols: rab photography
Table setting: Sara Jeanne Photography
Gal by Fire: Emily Barnhardt Photography
Globe: orange photographie

About Us: Lauren Brown Photography
*I have to stop here to point something out. This image is from 2010? I think? and it is still one of my favorite images from my career. With the stunning bouquet by Lukas Trudeau Event Co., it was a really great point (wedding) in my career and I just love this image.

Ok, let’s keep going.

Design Page : A. O’Brien Photography
Carousel of work:
rab photography (2)  |  Lauren Brown Photography | Lockie Photography
Kacie Q Photography | orange photographie | Notarius Photography
Jeremiah & Rachel Photographyorange photographie

Services Page: Jessie Moore Photography
Full Event: Jessie Moore Photography
Design:  orange photographie
Logistics: Greener Visuals Photography

Events Page: rab photography

Contact Us Page: Amelia Anne Photography….chicken!

Ok, I love chickens. That has nothing to do with this post. Maybe I’ll get into that later.
Anyway, without all of the amazing photographers that I have the privilege to call my colleagues, the new website wouldn’t exist. There isn’t a thing I can do to make my work look as amazing as these people do. They are worth their weight in gold.

View More: http://notariusphotography.pass.us/quin--chelsea-williams-august-28th-2015
This. Sunset. {Notarius Photography}

Thank you, thank you, thank you – this is me bowing while I say that.





The new Reed & Lee

R&L Logo Name 3.0.jpg

Introducing the new and improved Icing on the Cake Events….except, we’re going to go by Reed & Lee now.

After 8 years in business, we’ve decided to recreate our brand to better represent who we hope to be and what we hope to accomplish in the coming years. Which, quite frankly, is still really great events. However, we’re looking to enhance what we bring to the table by adding a bigger scope to our project. Annddd, what exactly is THAT supposed to mean?

Well, it took us a while to figure that out. First and foremost, Reed & Lee is named after the two women who have been affectionately called, “The Abbies” for the past two years. Somehow, Abby and Abbey just didn’t have the ring of Reed & Lee. Voila! New awesome name that represents both of us.

Currently, Abbeylee Cook is off accomplishing dreams, making waves, and being all around amazing. In January, she was offered her dream job in her dream city – the big apple – so, we’re cheering her on while she’s being the amazing gal she is, and we know somewhere in there that ‘saving the world’ is on the agenda.

Second, we knew that we wanted to make a difference (see ^ saving the world, mentioned above). We wanted a brand that represented that. We LOVE weddings. We LOVE designing weddings and we LOVE executing those designs and helping our clients have the best day of their lives. We also wanted to add something else – another angle that allowed us to give back to our community and to the businesses that we love supporting. That will be another side of Reed & Lee that we hope to grow in the coming years. Supporting and helping organizations and businesses through their events.

Finally, “rules of business” dictated that it was time to change our logo and change our brand – so we were compelled to do so. We LOVE our new logo and we are so thankful that we found Penland Design to help with that process. It was a very personal and emotional experience that led us to where we are, the road we’re traveling on, and the new face of our company.

R&L .png

There you have it – we’re saying goodbye to being confused by elderly gentlemen that just want cake…but who can blame them? However, if cake is what you’re looking for, I can recommend some amazing bakers. HA.

Welcome to Reed & Lee! We’d love for you stay a while, ask questions, make coffee dates and hopefully we get to see your lovely face soon.