A Montana Birthday, Part 2

Did you check out Part 1 of Blake’s 40th Birthday Party? That day was fun. I think my favorite parts were first, the bus pulling up to staff and friends holding up “Blake Faces” as a silly surprise to start the weekend. And second, the custom-picked animal suits for all of the guests. It was so fun running around to tents and leaving them in the tents for the guests to find upon check-in.


The next morning started¬†with a private yoga class thanks to Shelby Nordhagen. A large group gathered to do yoga under the bright morning sky, inside the tent. Which is the best part about tents…they’re so multipurpose, and can be used throughout the weekend for each need. As the sun poured into the tent, things warmed up and made for an incredible practice.

2016.08.25_Blake Birthday_1334

After that, while we transformed the tent for the evening, guests went on their own Montana adventures. Some of the group fly fished, some of the group went on a tour through Yellowstone, and some of the group went horseback riding. Everyone came back with their own personal experience of Montana, and wanting more!


The second dinner was the main event. Blake’s big birthday bash. We worked hard to match his style in the table top decor and the lounge areas. And again, another event of A.MA.ZING costumes!! Guests were asked to come as Burning Man inspired, and it. rocked.



The evening started out with a tribute video to Blake, which his wife Heather made, and collected over 1.5 hours of content! It was heart warming to see people from all over the country wishing Blake a Happy Birthday in their own special ways. There were some unexpected tributes as well, which was so incredible.

We followed the evening with an amazing dinner, cake and then got partying. Blake had requested a Silent Disco. Which is so fun to watch. In case you’re new to the idea…everyone wears their own headphones, listens to whatever music they want, and they dance around on the dance floor. YES! It was very cool.


The evening went into the late hours, but what a stellar birthday party! The weekend was not over, and I think the final day, a Montana-style lazy day, was my favorite. Stay tuned for Part 3! Hint: it involved a fork of the river and these bad boys…


Thanks again, to the amazing group of vendors that helped:
Photography: Lindsay Mulcare Photography
Venue: Bar N Ranch & Yellowstone Under Canvas
Tent: Under Canvas Events
Rentals: Montana Party Rentals
Staging: Centre Staging
Florals: The Flower Hat
Linens: BBJ Linen
Cake: CottonTop Bakery
Yoga: Shelby Nordhagen
Adventure Rentals: Big Boys Toys
Calligraphy: BonTemps Calligraphy




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