5 Tips for Thank You Notes

If you head over to our instagram on Tuesdays, you’ll typically see our #tiptuesday – our tip of the week. We try to impart a bit of wisdom on our followers every Tuesday, giving tips, tricks and suggestions for creating personal and successful events.

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When thinking about this week’s Tip, I felt like it warranted more information, and since I needed a blog post – here we go!

I am a HUGE stickler on Thank You notes. I’m crazy about it, and the etiquette that goes with them. I believe that Thank You notes are becoming a lost art – you know, that thing where you put a stamp on the envelope and actually use that box outside your house? Mail is an incredible thing. And how fun is it to open up your own mail box and get something that isn’t a political flyer, a request to sell your house or a bill. Thank you notes are something you receive, and send, that gives both people a warm fuzzy feeling.

image2 (1)

So, here are my Top 5+ a bonus Do’s and Dont’s or Tips on Thank You notes for ANY event.

  1. Don’t put off sending your thank you notes. Emily Post says you have a year to send them after your wedding, but with any event – give yourself a two week to a month deadline. Especially if it was any event other than a wedding.  How do you accomplish this? Read on…
  2. Do make a list of gifts as you receive them – as you receive a wedding gift, immediately jot it down on the list. During a birthday party, shower, or other event – have someone take notes as to who and what.
  3. Do put Thank You notes on your shopping list! As you’re purchasing decor, food stuffs, balloons and more – add Thank You notes! Then, you’re not making a separate trip after the party. You can start right away. (Add stamps while you’re at it).
  4. Don’t just, or rather, Do send that email. Send your guests a “Thank you for attending” email or text. But follow up with a hand written Thank you note.
  5. Thank You notes for a wedding? Here’s our biggest tip. You know that list you’re making? Do write thank you notes as you receive gifts. As you receive gifts in the mail or prior to your wedding, write your thank you notes then, and there. Get them ready! Then, as you head out for your honeymoon, pop them in the mail! it saves you time, memory power and more.


And for the bonus tip.

Don’t forget all of the vendors and individuals that helped you during your event. Event professionals, especially the owners, so, so appreciate a well thought out Thank You note and review. It is such a great feeling to hear from your clients after spending a year or more with you! Sometimes you’ve developed a close relationship, or sometimes it’s been a great working relationship – either way, we appreciate you and hearing from you!

If you need help coming up with a creative Thank You card – ask your wedding planner! We can collaborate with your photographer to create a great image during your engagement shoot. Or, we can collaborate with your invitation designer to make sure Thank You notes get included in the list of print materials needed.





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