A ceremony as personalized as you are. Five ideas for a unity ceremony.

Personalizing an event can be the struggle of almost everyone – including your planner. There are so many places to draw inspiration from, and though it’s great to have avenues in which to spark imagination, it seems that as soon as you think of something, someone else has done it.

I feel this way ALL. OF. THE. TIME. I come up with an idea and immediately find something like it already done. However, personalization is so important to making your guests feel like they’re truly in your presence. It gives them (and you) a focal point during your event or wedding to really celebrate you. And we don’t mean slapping your name or face on every sign, table decoration or piece of paper you can find. Those are well placed at times, but also do nothing to help YOU feel like you’re in the moment as well.

Which leads me to another point – personalization of your event is also FOR YOU. Especially during your ceremony. Adding readings, special songs, and words of personality into your script intensifies the act of wedd-ing; getting married. So, here is our list of 5 of the most interesting unity ceremonies we’ve seen during weddings:

View More: http://captivatedphotographyco.pass.us/stonecipher-meldahl-weddingPhoto by: Haagenson Photography

  1. One of the most intensely loving pieces of a ceremony we’ve seen is Brittney and AJ’s Foot Washing during their ceremony. At first, it might not seem like you’d want to take your shoes off in front of your family. But trust us, a well placed rug, warm (or cooling) water, and a fluffy wash cloth will make it totally worth it, just the act of having someone wash your feet for you (be at service to you) is deeply meaningful.

    Photo by Lauren Brown Photography

  2.  Kristen & Seth passed their rings around in a tiny box for a Ring Blessing with their family and bridal party. Friends and family gave their best wishes for the couple on the rings, followed by Ring Vows. It added significance and personal engagement for the guests there. Very soon, we’ll do the same with another couple, with the rings tied on a string, passed to many of the guests. Peace and love are passed to the happy couple during this ceremony.

    2109_2015_06_06_WED_GlowackiPhoto by Lauren Brown Photography

  3. Combining families and roots are literally planted together during a Tree Planting Ceremony. Anna and Tom brought a tree that they will plant at their home and combined it with dirt from Tom’s home state/childhood home and Anna’s Home state/childhood home. Therefore signifying bringing the two families together and providing the “roots.”


  4. On the lighter side, but still super fun and unique are the various “Unity Shots” that we’ve incorporated. Anna & Pete have deep skiing roots – both are on the Ski Patrol here in Montana, so their Unity Ceremony was an infamous Shot Ski. It was fantastically funny, but also made a ton of sense to their guests (lots of Ski Patrol peeps), and was significant to them as a couple. Hayley and Weston did a Unity Drink, where they combined two of their favorite beers into one glass. A funny take on the “Unity Sand.”

    View More: http://simplereflectionsphoto.pass.us/kurtandmelanie
    Photo by: Simple Reflections Photography

  5. Hand-Fasting or a Rope Braiding is the bonding together of two lives. Through very old roots, the hand fasting or rope braiding ceremony is another version of uniting the two sides of the couple together in one binding love. Used with ropes or ribbons that match the theme, or with tradition colors of gold, whites and purple, the hand-fasting is performed with our without the Bridal Party to complete the long lasting relationship circle of the couple.

The significance of each of these pieces is developed by the officiant, pastor, or whomever is performing the ceremony, but is ultimately a representation of the couple and what their love means to each other.






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