5 Tips for Thank You Notes

If you head over to our instagram on Tuesdays, you’ll typically see our #tiptuesday – our tip of the week. We try to impart a bit of wisdom on our followers every Tuesday, giving tips, tricks and suggestions for creating personal and successful events.

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When thinking about this week’s Tip, I felt like it warranted more information, and since I needed a blog post – here we go!

I am a HUGE stickler on Thank You notes. I’m crazy about it, and the etiquette that goes with them. I believe that Thank You notes are becoming a lost art – you know, that thing where you put a stamp on the envelope and actually use that box outside your house? Mail is an incredible thing. And how fun is it to open up your own mail box and get something that isn’t a political flyer, a request to sell your house or a bill. Thank you notes are something you receive, and send, that gives both people a warm fuzzy feeling.

image2 (1)

So, here are my Top 5+ a bonus Do’s and Dont’s or Tips on Thank You notes for ANY event.

  1. Don’t put off sending your thank you notes. Emily Post says you have a year to send them after your wedding, but with any event – give yourself a two week to a month deadline. Especially if it was any event other than a wedding.  How do you accomplish this? Read on…
  2. Do make a list of gifts as you receive them – as you receive a wedding gift, immediately jot it down on the list. During a birthday party, shower, or other event – have someone take notes as to who and what.
  3. Do put Thank You notes on your shopping list! As you’re purchasing decor, food stuffs, balloons and more – add Thank You notes! Then, you’re not making a separate trip after the party. You can start right away. (Add stamps while you’re at it).
  4. Don’t just, or rather, Do send that email. Send your guests a “Thank you for attending” email or text. But follow up with a hand written Thank you note.
  5. Thank You notes for a wedding? Here’s our biggest tip. You know that list you’re making? Do write thank you notes as you receive gifts. As you receive gifts in the mail or prior to your wedding, write your thank you notes then, and there. Get them ready! Then, as you head out for your honeymoon, pop them in the mail! it saves you time, memory power and more.


And for the bonus tip.

Don’t forget all of the vendors and individuals that helped you during your event. Event professionals, especially the owners, so, so appreciate a well thought out Thank You note and review. It is such a great feeling to hear from your clients after spending a year or more with you! Sometimes you’ve developed a close relationship, or sometimes it’s been a great working relationship – either way, we appreciate you and hearing from you!

If you need help coming up with a creative Thank You card – ask your wedding planner! We can collaborate with your photographer to create a great image during your engagement shoot. Or, we can collaborate with your invitation designer to make sure Thank You notes get included in the list of print materials needed.





A Montana Birthday, Part 2

Did you check out Part 1 of Blake’s 40th Birthday Party? That day was fun. I think my favorite parts were first, the bus pulling up to staff and friends holding up “Blake Faces” as a silly surprise to start the weekend. And second, the custom-picked animal suits for all of the guests. It was so fun running around to tents and leaving them in the tents for the guests to find upon check-in.


The next morning started with a private yoga class thanks to Shelby Nordhagen. A large group gathered to do yoga under the bright morning sky, inside the tent. Which is the best part about tents…they’re so multipurpose, and can be used throughout the weekend for each need. As the sun poured into the tent, things warmed up and made for an incredible practice.

2016.08.25_Blake Birthday_1334

After that, while we transformed the tent for the evening, guests went on their own Montana adventures. Some of the group fly fished, some of the group went on a tour through Yellowstone, and some of the group went horseback riding. Everyone came back with their own personal experience of Montana, and wanting more!


The second dinner was the main event. Blake’s big birthday bash. We worked hard to match his style in the table top decor and the lounge areas. And again, another event of A.MA.ZING costumes!! Guests were asked to come as Burning Man inspired, and it. rocked.



The evening started out with a tribute video to Blake, which his wife Heather made, and collected over 1.5 hours of content! It was heart warming to see people from all over the country wishing Blake a Happy Birthday in their own special ways. There were some unexpected tributes as well, which was so incredible.

We followed the evening with an amazing dinner, cake and then got partying. Blake had requested a Silent Disco. Which is so fun to watch. In case you’re new to the idea…everyone wears their own headphones, listens to whatever music they want, and they dance around on the dance floor. YES! It was very cool.


The evening went into the late hours, but what a stellar birthday party! The weekend was not over, and I think the final day, a Montana-style lazy day, was my favorite. Stay tuned for Part 3! Hint: it involved a fork of the river and these bad boys…


Thanks again, to the amazing group of vendors that helped:
Photography: Lindsay Mulcare Photography
Venue: Bar N Ranch & Yellowstone Under Canvas
Tent: Under Canvas Events
Rentals: Montana Party Rentals
Staging: Centre Staging
Florals: The Flower Hat
Linens: BBJ Linen
Cake: CottonTop Bakery
Yoga: Shelby Nordhagen
Adventure Rentals: Big Boys Toys
Calligraphy: BonTemps Calligraphy



Spring has sprung!

Reed & Lee Display

It is officially spring…we think…at least Mother Nature is sort of cooperating. Her tradition of snow on the grown in the morning, gone by 10am is definitely in full swing. I absolutely love this time of year. Never mind that it’s my birthday month, but there is something amazing about celebrating another trip around the sun while daffodils, tulips, muscari and all trees are blooming.

I always look forward to that one day where you notice that the trees have gone from barren to *POP* green and gorgeous. There is one street in Bozeman, where this is always super obvious.

Our display at the Bridal Walk this year. Photo by merissa lambert photography

This is also how I feel about events. I feel that we always spend months and months doing forms, details, contracts, floor layouts, and then *POP* it’s time to do the fun stuff…table top layouts, coordinating with calligraphers, invitations start arriving. And the event or wedding seems real life. It’s one of my favorite seasons – Spring and the blossoming of a new wedding season.

I think that’s why this year’s Bridal Walk was SO.MUCH.FUN. We talked to so many couples in the early stages of planning. Some in the late stages of planning that were just sealing up the final details, and those that just got engaged.

Cactus Cocktail Table
We’re obsessed with cactuses as centerpieces or accent florals.

It was a lovely spring day, we were situated at The Baxter in their lovely ballroom, and the day couldn’t have been more perfect. In addition, we released our new MENU. Designed by the lovely Ivy Taylor, we have a new menu of services that couples at the Bridal Walk were able to view first. We’re excited to expand our services to offer a variety of new options.


So, here we go…jumping into the field of refreshing new-ness. We hope you’ll join us! There is SO much to experience in the next few months. Before you know it, it will be May Day!


Thanks to the vendors that we collaborated with during the Bridal Walk:
Venue: The Baxter
Photography: merissa lambert photography
Rentals: Montana Party Rentals

Happy Blooming,


A Montana Birthday Weekend

2016.08.25_BlakeBirthday_1025Turning 40 is definitely a milestone, but turning it into a weekend adventure in Montana is surely the best way possible to celebrate! We couldn’t have been more thrilled to help Blake, his wife Heather and their friends celebrate Blake’s 40th Birthday in West Yellowstone.


They called us five weeks out, told us they had 48 people coming from various places, but primarily in California, and what could we do in West Yellowstone? The staff at the Bar N Ranch and Under Canvas Yellowstone set the stage for what would be an incredible weekend.

This adventurous group thought glamping in Montana’s finest would be an experience of a lifetime – and they were right! Since we got to stay on sight, it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for us as well! We couldn’t believe that we were bringing this amazing group to nights of 29 degrees!


Reed & Lee, with my now good friend, Britney planned a weekend filled with themes, surprises, amazing food, great tequila and some true Montana love. This weekend was filled with so much intricate detail that we’re going to take three blog posts to show you all the amazing detail.


The guests arrived via bus from Jackson, Wyo and pulled up to the guest tent to staff wearing “Blake faces.” It was hilarious to see them pumped to jump off the bus and get the part started. As they checked in to their tents, they were greeted with gift bags filled with goodies and essentials that Heather had carefully chosen for each guest. Bug Spray, Sunscreen, chapstick, Yellowstone shirts and more! Plus…they had a surprise for Thursday’s evening – each guest has a carefully chosen Kigurumi animal costume. Chosen to match their personalities, it was the attire for the evening. It really broke the ice!

We threw a Welcome Fiesta and everyone enjoyed an amazing first evening under the tent!



Vendors who rocked it:
Venue: Under Canvas Events & Under Canvas Yellowstone
Catering: Bar N Ranch
Design: Reed & Lee
Photography: Lindsey Mulcare Photography
Floral: The Flower Hat
Rentals: Montana Party Rentals
Cake: CottonTop Pasteries
Calligraphy: BonTemps Collective
Seating Staging: Centre Staging
Linens: BBJ Linens
Bartending: Bar N Ranch
Tequila: Clase Azul
Yellowstone Attire: Parks Project & Aviator Nation
Kigurumis: Kigurumi Shop
Yoga Instructor: Shelby Nordhagen

Midnight Zodiac at Montana Bridal Tour

“I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the starts makes me dream”
~Vincent Van Gogh


At this year’s Montana Bridal Tour, we put together a design that would incorporate a lot of the current trends in weddings – flowing greenery, a garden feel, metallics and a nod toward the elements like stones, quartz stones, geodes, and wood. We also wanted to give our color scheme of gold, navy and blush a celestial feel to incorporate a theme that wasn’t too outspoken, but could be fun to play with.

We are in love with the idea of a sweetheart table! Our clients choose this option when they’re having a cocktail reception, especially! It’s a place for the couple to sit and take a breather, or eat some of their delicious food, when they need a break and want to cuddle in close with each other. It’s also a great idea when there isn’t a bridal party, or there is one but it comes with a lot of “plus ones”.

The details that we brought together included a variety of vintage and metallic elements in the place settings. Gold flatware is just amazing, especially with paired with a misty gray plate and a natural rattan charger.

Also – we built large gold constellations and hung them from the ceiling over our sweetheart table and guest tables! They were super fun to make, and added some height to our design.




We’re so grateful for the amazing team that came together to make this venue at the Montana Bridal Tour such a success!

Venue: Hart Ranch | Photographer: Merissa Lambert Photography | Catering: Sadie’s Catering | Calligraphy: Ivy Taylor | Rentals: Montana Party Rentals | Linens: BBJ Linens | Floral Design & Event Design: Reed & Lee | Dresses & Attire: After 5 and Weddings | Hair & Makeup: Ethereal Salon | DJ: Bozeman DJ | Bartending: The Bay Bar & Grill

Hope you enjoyed this view!