Midnight Zodiac at Montana Bridal Tour

“I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the starts makes me dream”
~Vincent Van Gogh


At this year’s Montana Bridal Tour, we put together a design that would incorporate a lot of the current trends in weddings – flowing greenery, a garden feel, metallics and a nod toward the elements like stones, quartz stones, geodes, and wood. We also wanted to give our color scheme of gold, navy and blush a celestial feel to incorporate a theme that wasn’t too outspoken, but could be fun to play with.

We are in love with the idea of a sweetheart table! Our clients choose this option when they’re having a cocktail reception, especially! It’s a place for the couple to sit and take a breather, or eat some of their delicious food, when they need a break and want to cuddle in close with each other. It’s also a great idea when there isn’t a bridal party, or there is one but it comes with a lot of “plus ones”.

The details that we brought together included a variety of vintage and metallic elements in the place settings. Gold flatware is just amazing, especially with paired with a misty gray plate and a natural rattan charger.

Also – we built large gold constellations and hung them from the ceiling over our sweetheart table and guest tables! They were super fun to make, and added some height to our design.




We’re so grateful for the amazing team that came together to make this venue at the Montana Bridal Tour such a success!

Venue: Hart Ranch | Photographer: Merissa Lambert Photography | Catering: Sadie’s Catering | Calligraphy: Ivy Taylor | Rentals: Montana Party Rentals | Linens: BBJ Linens | Floral Design & Event Design: Reed & Lee | Dresses & Attire: After 5 and Weddings | Hair & Makeup: Ethereal Salon | DJ: Bozeman DJ | Bartending: The Bay Bar & Grill

Hope you enjoyed this view!



Happy Birthday to us!

Wow, here we are at another business anniversary/birthday/trip around the entrepreneurship sun. Nine years!


February of 2008, I formed Icing on the Cake Events. Version 1.0 of this event management company. At the beginning, two of us with full time jobs and very little (ok, none) investment money needed something else to do with our time. We definitely weren’t busy enough. Sorry, honey! We started out with one client, which is really how the entire business took off – Thanks to Universal Athletics for trusting us with their anniversary party.

The past nine years have been an amazing time of uncertainty, growth, small set-backs, HUGE opportunities and a lot of fun. The business has been smattered with great young folk who have given me and the company a chance in order to test out the waters of wedding and event planning and what it’s like to work 14 hour days.

Our gals and guy deserve the most recognition, because without those interns who worked their butts off, we would not have been able to grow, add more clients, test out new strategies and designs, and basically survive. I remember one particular wedding, where we watched all of the vendors leave at the end of the night, turned around and saw the battle field of a 200-guest wedding laid out before us. We rolled up our sleeves, got to work, and then the next day said, “Ok, what did we learn?”

I owe so much to Aimee, Mariah, Nick, Mickenzie, Kaley, Abbey, Katie, and Cheyenne, for the work that they put in with the business and the clients over the past nine years. Each of them made such an impact on the reputation of Icing on the Cake Events. I owe a specific and very heart felt thank you to Sara, who started the business with me and allowed me to grow on my own and take the company on it’s current path. Thank you! To each and every one of you for being a huge part of my journey with Reed & Lee.

At year 5, I was very excited to have passed the “success” threshold for owning my business. Hitting the Five Year Mark meant that we had surpassed a point that most new businesses don’t make it to! And here we are – on track to double that. We threw a lovely party with colleagues and friends. I can’t wait to see what next year brings.

Then, a year ago, I had the pleasure of rebranding. Time for Version 2.0. We are thrilled at how changing to Reed & Lee has created an event management firm that has brought a new level of professionalism, vision and design to our company.


I am so excited at what the future holds for Reed & Lee, and for the great team that I have assembled. I couldn’t be more happy to work with them in each of their individual ways to create a business and an event firm that provides amazing service while staying true to serving our clients and colleagues as much as we can.


So, here’s to us! And here to my amazing team: Haley, Ivy, Marion and Emily. Love you gals!! Thank YOU for being on this journey and for dreaming big for the future!

P.S. Thank you Jessie, my dear friend, for the amazing photos and to Lauryn for the cake. Smooches. I adore you both.



A nod to photographers

Now that  year one as Reed & Lee is released concluded and the brand is out into the world to do what brands do with a little pat on the bum constantly from us, I wanted to give a shout out the amazing photographers that we have been able to work with over the past few years. Without their hard work with our mutual clients, I wouldn’t have stunning images for my website. Really, I believe in all things visual, and can’t do it without them.

3W6A4809{Photo by:A. O’Brien Photography}

Have you seen our website? No? Get over to reedandlee.com

Now that we’re on the same page…
Here’s the round-up of amazing photographers:

Home Page:
Ropin’ Cowboy: rab photography
Peonie: orange photographie
Parasols: rab photography
Table setting: Sara Jeanne Photography
Gal by Fire: Emily Barnhardt Photography
Globe: orange photographie

About Us: Lauren Brown Photography
*I have to stop here to point something out. This image is from 2010? I think? and it is still one of my favorite images from my career. With the stunning bouquet by Lukas Trudeau Event Co., it was a really great point (wedding) in my career and I just love this image.

Ok, let’s keep going.

Design Page : A. O’Brien Photography
Carousel of work:
rab photography (2)  |  Lauren Brown Photography | Lockie Photography
Kacie Q Photography | orange photographie | Notarius Photography
Jeremiah & Rachel Photographyorange photographie

Services Page: Jessie Moore Photography
Full Event: Jessie Moore Photography
Design:  orange photographie
Logistics: Greener Visuals Photography

Events Page: rab photography

Contact Us Page: Amelia Anne Photography….chicken!

Ok, I love chickens. That has nothing to do with this post. Maybe I’ll get into that later.
Anyway, without all of the amazing photographers that I have the privilege to call my colleagues, the new website wouldn’t exist. There isn’t a thing I can do to make my work look as amazing as these people do. They are worth their weight in gold.

View More: http://notariusphotography.pass.us/quin--chelsea-williams-august-28th-2015
This. Sunset. {Notarius Photography}

Thank you, thank you, thank you – this is me bowing while I say that.




The new Reed & Lee

R&L Logo Name 3.0.jpg

Introducing the new and improved Icing on the Cake Events….except, we’re going to go by Reed & Lee now.

After 8 years in business, we’ve decided to recreate our brand to better represent who we hope to be and what we hope to accomplish in the coming years. Which, quite frankly, is still really great events. However, we’re looking to enhance what we bring to the table by adding a bigger scope to our project. Annddd, what exactly is THAT supposed to mean?

Well, it took us a while to figure that out. First and foremost, Reed & Lee is named after the two women who have been affectionately called, “The Abbies” for the past two years. Somehow, Abby and Abbey just didn’t have the ring of Reed & Lee. Voila! New awesome name that represents both of us.

Currently, Abbeylee Cook is off accomplishing dreams, making waves, and being all around amazing. In January, she was offered her dream job in her dream city – the big apple – so, we’re cheering her on while she’s being the amazing gal she is, and we know somewhere in there that ‘saving the world’ is on the agenda.

Second, we knew that we wanted to make a difference (see ^ saving the world, mentioned above). We wanted a brand that represented that. We LOVE weddings. We LOVE designing weddings and we LOVE executing those designs and helping our clients have the best day of their lives. We also wanted to add something else – another angle that allowed us to give back to our community and to the businesses that we love supporting. That will be another side of Reed & Lee that we hope to grow in the coming years. Supporting and helping organizations and businesses through their events.

Finally, “rules of business” dictated that it was time to change our logo and change our brand – so we were compelled to do so. We LOVE our new logo and we are so thankful that we found Penland Design to help with that process. It was a very personal and emotional experience that led us to where we are, the road we’re traveling on, and the new face of our company.

R&L .png

There you have it – we’re saying goodbye to being confused by elderly gentlemen that just want cake…but who can blame them? However, if cake is what you’re looking for, I can recommend some amazing bakers. HA.

Welcome to Reed & Lee! We’d love for you stay a while, ask questions, make coffee dates and hopefully we get to see your lovely face soon.



Love is…all around.

Last year, February 14th found us in the great Montana town of West Yellowstone. We designed and planned a Montana Valentine’s Day themed wedding for a small group of fun-loving Canadians. They were some of the best, most fun wedding guests we’ve ever had. Now, you might think that February 14th in West Yellowstone of all places would be frigid with snow up to our eyeballs. Our Canadian friends would have loved that. In fact, they pulled into our little town stocked with brand new sleds. No, not the plastic kind children use, but gorgeous snowmobiles. Unfortunately, it was 63*degrees and the snow was melting faster than…well, it was melting fast.

Luckily for us, that didn’t dampen their spirits and we ended up having an amazing time. In the past year, there have been many times when we’ve come back to that design knowing that we wanted the opportunity to do it again. We were in LOVE with it all…no pun intended.

So, for this Valentine’s Day, we got the “band back together” and recreated Alaina and Mike’s wedding (with their permission, of course). We also added some of our favorite faces to enhance the setting!

We hope you enjoy – and Happy Valentine’s Day! Go kiss, hug, cuddle, or tickle the one you love.



Venue: Lockhorn Cider House, Bozeman MT
Design: Reed & Lee
Photographer: Emily Barnhardt Photography
Desserts: LUXE
Florals: Kirkham & Co.
Rentals: Montana Party Rentals
Calligraphy: Cast Calligraphy
Dress: Plume Bridal
Drinks: Lockhorn Cider House

View More: http://emilybarnhardtphotography.pass.us/1vday2016View More: http://emilybarnhardtphotography.pass.us/1vday2016View More: http://emilybarnhardtphotography.pass.us/1vday2016View More: http://emilybarnhardtphotography.pass.us/1vday2016View More: http://emilybarnhardtphotography.pass.us/1vday2016View More: http://emilybarnhardtphotography.pass.us/1vday2016View More: http://emilybarnhardtphotography.pass.us/1vday2016View More: http://emilybarnhardtphotography.pass.us/1vday2016View More: http://emilybarnhardtphotography.pass.us/1vday2016View More: http://emilybarnhardtphotography.pass.us/1vday2016



We were so fortunate to have one of our Summer 2015 weddings featured on the wedding blog, Borrowed & Blue, yesterday. It is truly an honor for any site to want to feature a wedding – especially when we love what we do and do it for our clients, more than anything.

The post turned out amazing, and we’re SO excited that they decided to showcase it as a Bozeman featured wedding for the time being. YAY! Check out the blog post here. 

Because we know they can’t show every one of Notarius Photography’s gorgeous images, we wanted to do a post on some of the other fun images that didn’t make the cut.






Chelsea and Quin
Chelsea & Quin
View More: http://notariusphotography.pass.us/quin--chelsea-williams-august-28th-2015
Invitations by Cast Calligraphy \\ Programs by Big Announcements

View More: http://notariusphotography.pass.us/quin--chelsea-williams-august-28th-2015

View More: http://notariusphotography.pass.us/quin--chelsea-williams-august-28th-2015
Desserts by Cakes by Jenn
View More: http://notariusphotography.pass.us/quin--chelsea-williams-august-28th-2015
Tent by Montana Party Rentals

View More: http://notariusphotography.pass.us/quin--chelsea-williams-august-28th-2015

View More: http://notariusphotography.pass.us/quin--chelsea-williams-august-28th-2015
Design by Reed & Lee

View More: http://notariusphotography.pass.us/quin--chelsea-williams-august-28th-2015

View More: http://notariusphotography.pass.us/quin--chelsea-williams-august-28th-2015
This. Sunset.

Ta-Da! Welcome!

View More: http://orangephotographie.pass.us/loui--hampton--married
Photo by: Orange Photographie

Hello world!
In 2008, Icing on the Cake Events was founded by two glorious people (if I do say so, myself), while they both worked full time jobs that they loved. Here we are in 2016, and Icing on the Cake Events has changed so much!

And we’re changing again! In the coming weeks, we’ll be announcing our rebrand and more…

For example, we’ve never had a blog. Now we have one! Woot. Owner, Abby Turner, has had a few different blogs that still linger out there in the blogosphere somewhere, but this one will be just for things formally known as Icing on the Cake Events.

Ok, if that wasn’t enough of a lead in, I don’t know what would be.
Look for our new coming soon…